Give It Up To Clear Channel

On 03-21-2008
at 3:03 pm

Dolly Parton is frustrated and rightly so. Her latest album, Backwoods Barbie, is getting little airplay. I’ve been listening to it here at work, and it sounds very contemporary and resembles anything that you hear on country radio today. I think the finger should be pointed at Clear Channel. If you are not familiar with Clear Channel, this is the company that pretty much single handedly ruined radio. They are responsible for hearing the same song 10 times in an hour long set of music. Here’s a novel idea for you “CC,” Get some variety! But they might not be solely to blame for certain artists not to be played. Program Directors and the listeners themselves are factors when it comes to radio rotation. Hey! If you want to hear Dolly on the radio, request her!

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