Howard Stern Splices Dolly Parton

On 05-15-2008
at 1:07 pm

I guess everyone has heard the rigamaro with Howard Stern splicing together Dolly Parton quotes to make it sound like she is foulmouthed and a racist, but I am amazed how offended Dolly is. She might even sue.  Now I am pretty sure you can hear the actual clip on Howard Stern’s website or Youtube,  but I am not going to make a  link to it for two reasons: 1. Fear of being sued, 2. I do not want to be blamed for your intelligence diminishing while you hear the rantings of an unfunny shockjock. This is not the first time Stern has done this. He has spliced together William Shatner and Oprah to make lewd comments. Parton should just shrug it off. Dolly is only going to bring more listeners to Stern’s show. What do you think she should do? Sue, or let it go?  

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