Being Objective

On 08-04-2008
at 7:36 pm

Everybody here at work is telling me to lay into John Rich for his cliche campaign song “Raisin’ Mccain,” but I am not going to ridicule John for that.  You have seen me say it before, and I will say it again, leave your politics at the door.  Whether your name is Alec Baldwin or Susan Sarandon, I could care less what your political affiliation is, just entertain me.  Alright John, we know your the hippest thing to hit Nashville(personally, I don’t think your worthy enough to tune Little Jimmie Dickens’ guitar), but why don’t you leave it all up to the sublety of your music, and not some blatant, over the top anthem? Should John Mccain put his stamp of approval on this song. Being affiliated with John Rich is not all that respectable. It has been rumored that John “Missed a Spot” Rich likes the nightlife. Was that a low blow, I’m sorry. I’ll shut up now.

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