Country Hall of Fame Experiencing Growing Pains

On 09-23-2009
at 2:01 pm

No, it’s not an acoustic set from Alan Thicke or Kirk Cameron. If you thought the Country Music Hall of Fame was big enough, think again. There are plans in the works to double the Hall’s size. The already 140,000 square foot building is looking to expand on 5th avenue. This is conjunction with the prospective hotel and convention center that are currently in the works. I’ll believe it when I see it. This is all well and good, but Nashville tends to drop the ball when it comes to recreation or improving downtown. However, ‘the hall’ does bring in some serious money. They claim that 550,000 customers a year, at $21.00  a pop, which is roughly 12 million dollars a year.

It seems that this expansion rests upon the existence of the new convention center, which may never come to fruition, than this will be for nothing. I think this is the last time we will hear of this.

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