#3 Worst Country Song of the 90s

On 09-24-2009
at 6:43 pm

Maybe I’m just a sourpuss. Maybe I prefer melancholy over silliness. I don’t know what I have against novelty songs, but the annoyance I feel towards them is the same as the loose hair that falls underneath my shirt collar after a haircut. I have always had a soft spot for Shenandoah. “Cumberland Road,” “Next to You, Next to Me,” and “Two Dozen Roses” were true blue, feel good country songs. However, the third single off of their “Under the Kudzu” album transformed that soft spot into cast iron.  “If Bubba Can Dance(I Can Too)” resembled the structure of another less than stellar song, “God Bless Texas.” Actually, you can sing the melody right along with “If Bubba Can Dance.”The only good thing about this song is Marty Rabon’s lead vocals. He can sing anything. I guess Shenandoah was trying to capitalize on the line dance craze that was hitting the nation at the time. The premise is an introvert who buys a country dance tutorial and shows up at the local watering hole. He then bedazzles everybody with his scooting, sliding, and gliding. Oh, did I also mention he can two-step. Apparently, the guys and gals of nowheresville are easily impressed(I can’t really say anything, I am from Mississippi.) What will happen to Bubba when the main character learns all of the moves. Bubba has finally found his niche. Poor Bubba, I guess he will go back to being the town mute.

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