On 11-18-2008
at 12:19 pm

So it’s getting colder outside and almost all of the leaves have fallen off the trees here in Music City.  Most of the leaves have been on the ground so long that they make a loud crunch under your feet as you walk along the side walk to come into work.  The leaves that are still on trees are just about to fall because they are all a dark orange or red color. 

Since it is getting colder more people are out shopping.  They are buying up for the holidays or maybe just working on their winder wardrobe.  On either account I have spotted a few of our artists out and about shopping in some of our local malls and stores.

Who have I seen recently?  Friday night I was at Opry Mills and low and behold standing about fifteen feet from me was one of my favorite artists, Josh Turner.  He was in at Bass Pro, I walked up to him and asked him if he was indeed Josh Turner.  He said, “Yes ma’am, that’s me…” and I asked him what he was buying, he said he was “just looking.”  Saturday I was at the Cool Springs mall here in town and who did I see there?  Who would have thought that I would be walking through the mall and across the way see Faith Hill and Tim McGraw?  Yes, it was them I could not speak with them, but they had made a few purchases from what I could tell.  And wouldn’t you know it I met a friend at the Cheese Cake Factory in Green Hills, and saw someone else.  Trace Adkins was among the guests at the Chees Cake Factory Saturday night.  Who was he with, well of course he was with his wife.

So I had my own star-studded weekend here in Music City, where the leaves are falling and the temperature is starting to drop.  People of all kinds are out and about shopping for this, that and the other…while some are “just looking.”  If you are in Nashville, keep your eyes open…you never know who you may see out and about shopping.

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