Christmas Time is Family Time

On 12-10-2008
at 5:07 pm

Yesterday I was at the store standing in a long line among other some what last minute shoppers for the holiday season.  Then I picked up a copy of Country Weekly Magazine to flip through while I waited in the line.  On the cover of this issue was Tim McGraw, as usual studding his black cowboy hat, and sparkling white teeth.  Basically through out the article it talked about how Tim has set aside time for his wife, Faith Hill and their daughters.  He said that he loves spending time with his family at the holidays, staying at home and chilling around the house.

The article also talked about Tim in his role in the new movie Four Christmases.  This in my opinion is a great movie and is hilarious.  I have seen it twice now and will more than likely own it when it comes out.  Tim told Country Weekly that he gained 30 pounds to play the role of a semi-pro wrestler.  Tim plays the brother of the main character Vince Vaughn, and the comedy real between them is really funny.  Vince Vaughn and his girlfriend in the film, Reese Witherspoon.  Their Christmas vacation plans are spoiled when fog rolls into the airport and cancels all flights.  So Vince and Reese have to go to all Four Christmases because both of their families are divorced, and the story brings them closer together in the end.  I am not going to tell you how the movie ends, but it is worth seeing.

So this holiday season among the hustle and bustle of giving and receiving presents and gifts.  While you are waiting for that winter’s snow to cover the ground, while you are waiting for Santa Clause to come down the chimney, and spending time with you and yours so will those here in Nashville.

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