Ending Concerts On A Flat Note

On 01-30-2009
at 7:46 pm

The human voice is the most unpredictable instrument. Weather can play a huge difference in clarity, tone, and range. I have never heard vocalists like Carrie Underwood or Martina McBride have a bad day, but it must happen. I am just wondering when Taylor Swift will have a good one.  She sounds great in the studio. Watch-out Abigail, Antares(Auto-Tune) might be Taylor’s new best friend. However, her live performance is a Bizarro version of herself. Someday, Taylor’s cute teen angst song writing will lose the battle with her mediocre voice. So she should enjoy the ride while she can.  

The real problem, is that her condition is contagious. Can someone please find the cure for bad singing in Country Music. Are Rascal Flatts the carriers? Pitch always seems to elude Gary LeVox. Gary, you try too hard. I hate to break your heart, but you are no Brian Mcknight. Your runs are sloppy. Leave country soul to the master, George Jones. Unfortunately,  the disease has become airborne spreading to singers like Billy Currington, Jessica Simpson(she might have a birth defect), Big and Rich, and The Wreckers(luckily they have been quarantined). It is rumored that Michelle Branch has escaped.  Faith Hill, Tim Mcgraw, and Reba McEntire have found that the Antares drug works live. How will we fix this problem? We all know what the cure is for the ebola virus.

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2 Responses to “Ending Concerts On A Flat Note”

  1. Posted by countrymusictattletale on January 31st, 2009 at 3:49 pm

    Ok, you have to know if you read our blog and give us a pingback and then talk all this smack about Gary Levox from my beloved Rascal Flatts that we were going to have a comment for you. Do you really think that most of country music fans are deaf? You seem to be the only one. Rascal Flatts are breaking records left and right. People are flocking to their concerts and spending tons of money to see them. I haven’t heard Brian Mcknight do anything newsworthy since – well his duet with Rascal Flatts!!!!!!! Please take the cotton balls out of your ears the next time you listen to a Rascal Flatts song. At least you got Jessica Simpson birth defect right.

  2. Posted by Todd on February 1st, 2009 at 12:14 pm

    If you are talking about the studio, I agree, Gary Levox sounds great. I am talking about his live performance. There seems to be this disconnect between him and pitch. As far as, as their fans, I am not saying that you(specifically) have this problem, but the average joe/jane can not distinguish between bad and good pitch. Oh yeah and Brian Mcknight is much better live than Gary.

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