Ernie Ashworth Passes Away

On 03-02-2009
at 8:45 pm

Do you know what the number 867491 and Ernie Ashworth have in common. That is the customer number that Ernie would use when he would place an order through PureCountryMusic. Yes, Mr. Ashworth was a regular customer. His calls were always a breath of fresh air. It was exciting to talk to an Opry Member. Ernie was always expanding his music collection, and had an affinity for dvds. I was disheartened to hear that Ernie has passed away. The reason for his death are unclear, but he did recently go through bypass surgery. Ernie Ashworth enjoyed great success with hits like, “Everybody But Me,” and “I Love To Dance With Annie.” However, these songs were trumped by the #1 hit “Talk Back Tremblin’ Lips.” It was on the charts for 42 weeks and had modest pop success. Maybe now, we can feature him in the catalog.

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