Single Record of the Year (Continued)

On 03-04-2009
at 8:22 pm

I have always pictured Trace Adkins as a bully. I see him arriving at the Opry, delivering noogies to Dierks Bentley, and inappropriately hitting on all of the female vocalists. Then he pulls the pig’s blood stunt from Carrie on Little Jimmie Dickens. Striking gold with the single “You’re Gonna Miss This” is not going to change my mind. This sappy song is not befitting of the giant. Melodically, it sounds suited for a female voice. It would have been the perfect song to reboot Suzy Bogguss’ career. She could have recorded it as a sequel to her hit “Letting Go.”  

Unfortunately, the song can stand alone. It was hit-approved before Adkins decided to record it. However,  the song would have made more sense coming from Tim Mcgraw or Mark Wills. They have had experience with this sort of thing. The song is comparable to Mcgraw’s “Don’t Shake….I mean Don’t Take The Girl” or Mark Wills “Don’t Laugh At Me.” Still, it is no surprise that “You’re Gonna Miss This” is up for an ACM award. Nostalgia is the key to succes for Adkin’s song. Everybody remembers how fun school was, or when their life was a little more exciting. If I was a betting man, I wouldn’t put anything down for Adkins to win. He usually gets snubbed at award shows. Maybe, it is just hard to take him seriously.

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