Kerry Collins vs Mike Reid

On 05-21-2009
at 8:00 pm

I know what you’re thinking, why are you pitting retired defensive tackle Mike Reid against Titans quarterback Kerry Collins. It has nothing to do with sports, I assure you. Kerry Collins has actually been in training to be a songwriter. Surprisingly, Kerry has no musical background. His strategy is to surround himself with the best songwriters that Nashville has to offer. Is this cheating? How seriously will Collins be taken as a songwriter? Will these songwriters be Kerry’s brain-trust after he decides to retire from football? Don’t jump to conclusions, though. There was one who chose a similar path. Mike Reid was a defensive tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals from 1970-1974.  This pro bowler had a stellar NFL career as he obtained 49 sacks in just 4 years. Unfortunately, he had to leave football due to injuries. This did not set Reid back. He already had a fall back plan. During the off-season, Reid was a pianist for various orchestras throughout the US. So, when he said good-bye to football and hello to a music career, Mike was slipping into something that fit him just as well as his Bengals jersey.

He became quite a prolific songwriter, stacking up 11 #1 hits. One of these was the Ronnie Milsap signature classic “Stranger in My House.” This success led to a solo career with Columbia Records. It was short-lived, but noteworthy. He recorded the #1 hit “Walk On Faith.” Does Kerry Collins have the same potential as Reid? He is a novice songwriter, but don’t count him out yet. Collins has plenty to write about. His life’s resume should be more than enough inspiration to write a successful country song. He was a consummate alcoholic. He has seen his share of ups and downs during his career in the NFL. Collins co-wrote the song “Ain’t Hard to Be Happy” with Ed Hill, that was almost selected for the up and coming George Strait album. Let’s think of song titles that Kerry could use.

“Almost Was Not Enough” “Fade Route of Love” “Her Heart Intercepted Mine” Sorry I digress…….

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